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Here you can find all the information about Roffadogs and most frequently asked questions about our services.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Terms and Conditions
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The Walks

Does my dog fit into the individual walk?

Of course! All dogs are welcome for a nice individual walk. These walks are perfect for dog owners who have a young puppy, an old dog or a very small dog, a dog with behaviour issues, or just prefer an individual walk instead of a pack walk. If wished, Roffadogs walks with (maximum) two dogs of the same owner.

Is Roffadogs available in my area?

Roffadogs is located in Rotterdam-Blijdorp, just behind central station. We offer our services in the surrounding areas. If you are interested in our services, just contact us!

Does my dog fit into the pack walk?

Your dog is welcome to our pack walks when he/she: - is older than 6 months; - is not in heat; - is social to other dogs, humans and animals; - knows the basic commands like 'sit', 'come' and 'out'. - is physically healthy; - not getting car sick; - does not belong to the smallest breeds. A pack walk wouldn't be safe!

How does the registration work?

Before your dog can enjoy the pack walks or individual walks, we would like to meet you and your dog. We will talk about your wishes, your dogs personallity and behaviour and we take the dog out for a short walk, so we can see already some of his/her sniff- and urban streetskills. This meeting is for free. If you wish to use our services, we can schedule your dog's first try-out pack walk or individual walk. This second walk is for free as well. After the walk, Roffadogs will evaluate the walk with you. If everything goes fine, we can schedule the walks! Please contact us here for more information or for a meeting.

What is the difference between a subscription and a strip card?

For the pack walks and the individual walks you can choose for a monthly subscription fee for fixed days every week, or you can choose for a strip card. Subscription ​Do you need regular, ongoing dog walks and know your schedule in advance? Then a subscription is the perfect option for you. With a subscription your dog gets his walks in your own neighbourhood on fixed days every week. Simply provide us the days and times you need. ​You can choose and/or combine:
short walks (20 minutes) medium walks (40 minutes) long walks (60 minutes). Strip Card ​Does your hectic schedule make it difficult to commit to walks in advance? Roffadogs understands that some dog owners need more flexibility than others, so we offer occasional individual walks to meet your changing needs. For these walks you need a 5-, 10- or 20-strip card. A strip card is valid for 3 months. Occasional walks can be scheduled1 week in advance till 8 pm the day before as needed You can choose a:
short walk (20 minutes) medium walk (40 minutes) long walk (60 minutes).
For the strip card-holder: 1 strip = 20 minutes. A strip card is more flexible and ment for 'last minute' bookings. Ideal for dog owners who love to offer their dog a good and safe individual walk, but just occasionally and not on fixed days.

Note: Subscribers have priority over strip card-holders!

How many walks can my dog(s) join?

Whether you need us just once a week, or you would like to give your dog a daily pleasure with our walks.

About Roffadogs

Who is Roffadogs?

Roffadogs is a small dog walking service in Rotterdam-Blijdorp and provides customized group walks (max. 4 dogs) and individual walks. ​​ Roffadogs is a one-man company, founded in 2019 by Joris Janssen (40), a certified dog trainer and proud owner of two German shepherds and a Malinois.

What makes Roffadogs great for your dog(s)?

Who are those German shepherds on this site?